Market rankings for the option trader

Wednesday commodity market rankings - 2/21/18, By Brad King

There have been several changes to my rankings over the last week. Today we have gold and KC wheat added to my bullish list while coffee and treasury bonds are now on my bearish list. Starting with the bullish side. I would like to trade the Aussie dollar for gold while trading soybean meal for KC wheat. Meal has had a big run.

I have been dead wrong on cocoa, at least in the last few weeks anyway. I would rather be short treasuries than cocoa at this point but realize that the bonds are near recent lows. Coffee looks similar. If initiating new bearish positions in bonds or coffee, put spreads might be wise until we can make adjustments on strength.

The most significant movement today looks to be in the cattle markets. Hedgers should be short and specs may still be short feeders from a few weeks ago. Hold these positions as the momentum in feeders and live cattle may be lower in both by today's close.

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Bullish commodity rankings

  1. Cotton - Hold long calls - add risk.
  2. Crude Oil - Hold long calls - reduce risk.
  3. Dow Jones/Nasdaq - Hold long call spreads - reduce risk.
  4. KC Wheat - buy calls now.
  5. Gold - Buy calls orcall spreads.
Bearish commodity rankings
  1. Sugar - Hold long puts.
  2. Soybean Oil - Hold long puts.
  3. Treasury Bonds - Buy put spreads.
  4. US Dollar - None
  5. Coffee - Buy puts spreads.

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